Daniel A. Garamella Photograph

A staunch supporter of the War Memorial since its early days, Garamella (1920-1985) was the personification of teamwork. Nicknamed “Coach” during his 22 years of service as Henry Abbott Technical School teacher, coach, athletic director and administrator, Garamella was asked to bring his leadership skills to the city’s Department of Public Works in 1980. In the five years that followed, Garamella brought teamwork to the department and was responsible for the largest series of public improvement projects in the city’s history.

After graduating from Arnold College in New Haven and Receiving a Master’s degree from the Central Connecticut State University, Garamella turned down offers for professional football and boxing careers to pursue teaching and public service. He was a Navy veteran and served in the Pacific Theater in WWII. He had a long involvement in dedicated service to the War Memorial and served as its President in 1965-1967.